Introducing The Millionaire Bootcamp

This is a 3 day 2 night life changing bootcamp
that is Guaranteed to transform your life...

Whatever you do, to ensure success you need to have the right mindset. The MBC will provide you with the strategies and environment to create the mindset for success.

The MBC will allow you to breakthrough your limiting beliefs so that you will develop stronger and more positive habits.

​Fun & Entertaining
The MBC will enable you to open up and express yourself. You will learn many new strategies and at the same time have plenty of fun, fun, fun!!!

Here's what you get with the MBC...

  • 3 Day and 2 Night Seminar
  • ​​FREE Food and Accommodation
  • ​FREE T-Shirt
  • ​Other Resources For FREE


​Experience the Total Body, Mind and Financial Transformation

1.   See & learn scientific proof and explanation on how your Mind can really CHANGE things around you INSTANTLY. SO that when you change your thinking, you change your life, INSTANTLY (Worth RM1,500.00)
​2.   Transform into a Money Magnet. The personal and financial results that you have in your life is the product of what you were programmed with since childhood. Even though you tried HARD to change, you find it difficult and with very little result. Here you'll experience the Mindset Reprogramming Methology & Feel the RESULTS in 15 minutes. (Worth RM2,500.00)
​3.   Understand about the keys & principles to the most Effective & Smart Bizness System that allows you to earn while you sleep & Increase in Value as the years goes by. (Worth RM1,500.00)
4.   Using Social Media, LinkedIn, to expand your bizness worldwide (Worth RM2,500.00)

​5.   Health & Wealth  - learn about the latest Scientific Discovery & The Secret if Nature for Age Reversal & Longevity (Worth RM1,500.00)
​6. Other Goodies...

Discover the Secrets of an Abundant Life: Happiness, Health & Wealth

NEXT MBC : 9th Oct - 11th Oct 2020


​The price of the MBC is RM11,094.15. However, we have a Special price for you. Get the details of the SPECIAL PRICE from the person who referred you to this website.

Special Price

Special Offer Buy 1 FREE 1 !!!
RM 2299 - 1st 30 pax only
RM 2999 - 2nd 30 pax only
RM 3399 - 3rd 30 pax only

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And you can bring one other person for FREE

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